3D Transportation
Geospatial Restriction System
Tell drones where to fly in real time

Transtrex 3DTGRS (tm) is a three dimensional geospatial restriction system that makes up a complete drone traffic management system consisting of hyperlocal map restrictions, restriction templates for aviation authorities, flightplan evaluation APIs, plus mission planning through drone routing and concurrent flight management.

3DTGRS Maps™:
Simple Representation of Restriction Topography

Dynamic 3D role and hyperlocal operational and physical restriction map system for commercial UAS operations up to 500 feet above ground. Fully documented, automated system, running in secure cloud.

Restriction Templates: Hyperlocal Control for Aviation Authorities

Transtrex Restriction Templates allow aviation authorities to immediately apply real-time drone zoning and area control.  Templates allow authorities to say yes to drone operations without the pain of detailed planning. 


Realistic Landscape: Virtual Reality Quality Overviews

Area inspection and evaluation by human is easy and intuitive... Transtrex drone planning visualization allows operators to review their flights for compliance with local rules and avoidance of physical restrictions.

Power Lines:
Stay Out of Danger

3DTGRS provides detailed flight restriction information on complex features such as powerlines, buildings, powerstations, and more.

3DTGRS Mission Planning™:
Dynamic Routing

Dynamic routing based on drone role, drone flight configuration, and restrictions currently in effect in the area.



Transtrex was founded in 2014 by veteran researchers and developers in the geospatial, big data and connected vehicle industries to develop a dynamic 3D geospatial map for UAS policy and operations. The team has leadership experience in geospatial software development and large scale operations.

Transtrex is based in Seattle, WA of USA, Düsseldorf of Germany, and London of UK.